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  • Price, Levels and FOMO: A Common Mind Blockage
    P.S.: This article might require some basic know how of trading and some trading experience to understand the crux. Many traders suffer from a common problem called “Fear of Missing Out”.  Today (at the time of writing this article) is 11th November and Bank Nifty is up by 2000+ points during the last two days, which can be attributed partially to certain positive developments. But as Price action traders, do we need to care about News? Now, coming back to the problem which we all face and might have faced in past is the feeling of missing out (which is
    I have been asked question on how I manage these many positions and whether it is right or not. So, I am penning it down here, so this will answer if you had similar question and I can use the same post to answer others who ask me same question. First thing – There is nothing right or wrong in market and we cannot be rigid with anything. Some things work in trending market and are not that good in sideways or down trending markets, so we need to adapt. Having many position in a bull run is good as