Swing Trade ideas (STOCKS)

Below is the list of Swing trade ideas on Daily charts The stocks I select are listed at NSE (National stock exchange – India).

Please note that once an idea is listed, I would be also updating about the trades in the comments section:

  1. When a position is taken or when entry can be ignored (in case of changes)
  2. When Stop-loss is to be trailed (moved up from original stoploss). Also, when stoploss is hit and I exit my trade.
  3. When Target is hit , usually we book 75% (50% to 75%) positions at target and trail remaining at cost price. Remaining positions becomes long term and you can book them any time at your convenience since it is a winning position.
  4. All the trades posted here are live trades, means they are posted before trade is taken. Though, it is very convenient to post trades after they have reached target and ignore those in which you lose 🙂 , I want to share the exact picture, so that you can also track the trades along the way and learn from it. Please understand that losses are inevitable in trading.
  5. I also post these trades as trade ideas on tradingview –https://in.tradingview.com/u/onerighttrade/. There, it is very easy to track live and just by clicking on the chart ,you will know what happened or is happening with a certain trade (The number # on the trade is same here and in trading view post).