About us

I am an engineer by qualification, but I seem to have discovered my real passion and that is Trading. Therefore, I like to call myself a “Trader” first. I am a technical analysis fan and I trade mostly on Nifty and Bank-nifty Indices using market profile concepts. Most of my trades are Intraday as I like to minimise overnight risks. I also trade Stocks mostly on the buy side for swing on daily charts and share my trade ideas freely on this website.

I have been in markets for a long time and almost done all mistakes (some repeatedly). Things started changing back in 2015 when I started focusing on Technical analysis . I am using Market profile and price action since last 3+ years and feel it suits me and everyday is a new learning and development. Still, there is a long way to go. In fact, I feel no one can ever master “Markets” as they are ever changing, so always being a student is the best option.

I am privileged to have met many good traders in this journey and been mentored by the best I know which was a blessing for me. With this website, I am trying to assist many who need help on this journey and do not have enough exposure to my maximum potential.