Training Courses:

Program starting in April 2021 (6 months duration):

I am planning to start a 6 months weekend training program on Stocks Markets (webinar based) somewhere in mid of April 2021. This will involve 2-3 hours session on every Sunday covering each topic with a work assignment for the following week, so that it becomes like a Mentoring program and 6 months would be enough time to give all knowledge I have.

The topics which will be covered will mostly fall under below broad categories:

  1. Introduction to Stock market for Beginners
  2. Technical analysis basics using candlesticks
  3. Price Action Trading
  4. Market Profile complete course
  5. Trading psychology

I am assuming I will cover this in 6 months but in case if it goes beyond, we will accomodate for it. Also, this would be involving both – Intraday and Swing trading.

The program will cover my understanding and my perspective of Markets and might be beneficial for everyone at every stage. Though some topics would look very basic, but I feel everything needs to be covered with right approach and mindset without any assumptions. So, I would be explaining all concepts from Basics to Advanced which would be beneficial also to Beginners.

Some of the questions you may have which I can answer upfront:

Q. Why such a long duration of 6 months?

A. I have attended many trainings in past – 1 day, 3 days, 6 days programs, seminars, webinars but these are not very effective for below main reasons.
a) Trading is a different game altogether and we need to different kind of mindset to understand it, so building up that mindset takes time.
b) Have you studied any subject 3 days before exam to pass the exam. You know it better that if you want knowledge, which works better – Studying same material in 3 days and studying same material over a 6 months semester.
c) For me also, things started to change when I took a 6 months mentorship and continuosly focussed on learning for 6 months.

Q. What will be the method of training and Language?
A. Training sessions will be conducted thru webinars live mostly using zoom. The language would be English for the major part of training. (If you do not understand spoken English, it might not work out for you)

Q. Will the recordings be available?
A. Yes, I will upload the recordings to a website with participant/member only access. So, the recordings will be available only to program members.
Please note that I have to pay for using the data uploaded on a monthly basis, so these recording will be available for you for a period of 6 months during entire duration of the program.

Q. Can I have the video recordings for a longer time?
A. Six months of live online workshop is a good enough time. But yes, in case you require the access to recordings after 6 months, you can pay a very nominal fee and continue your access on monthly basis as long as you wish (Though, this is not guaranteed, but I will make every effort to make it available).

Q. Will there be any training on weekdays?
A. No. I do not advocate full time trading till you have a substantial capital and that applies to me also. So, I am a part-time trader mostly occupied with my work and my trading on weekdays.
I have always said that Trading should be your part time profession because of its uncertain nature and high dependency on your emotional state (which is not always same as in case of machine). Trading for me is an art which will require time to master and without mastering that, you cannot think of going full time. Another requirement for full-time trading is base capital, So if you are think of generating 1% every month which itself is difficult on a consistent basis, do this simple maths:
1% of x is your monthly Salary, so what would be x.
For example, if your monthly salary is 50k, you require 50 lakhs of Base capital to generate that income per month (taxes you pay are additional cost).

We need to have fair expectations and that is something we might talk when we talk psychology.

Q. Will this training make you an expert in stock market?
A. Straight answer is No. But you will be able to look at markets more objectively and with a refined view. Understand market is a zero-sum game and by that nature only it is going to be tough. What I can give you in this program is an honest (and not sugar coated) view of Mine about the market and then you can decide what to take and what to leave. Also, no one has ever become an expert in Stock market. This is like ocean and learning is a never ending journey. I will teach you only things I know and which I continue to learn.

Q. Will I be profitable after this training?
A. Profitability is more of a mindset game rather than technical skill. I will give you the insights of what will make you consistently profitable in long run but as every individual is different in the way they think, so there is no guarantee that your will be profitable.
Only thing I can assure you is your will have the knowledge what works or what does not work for you. It can so happen that after the course if over, you might decide that market is not for you and that would be a respected decision.

Q. Any topics will be covered other than trading?
A. We will focus on stock market mostly but as some of you might know, I am also a Student of “Economics”, so we might talk about money and schemes like insurances, demand/supply basics but all those we will cover as part of psychology.

Q. What is the cost of this program?
A. I have cumulatively spent money in 7 digits for getting myself equipped with stock market knowledge with some trainings alone costed in 6 digits (single training over a lakh). Some of the trainings costed me a bomb not because they were costly but because they just told me what not to do in stock markets. Funny part aside, there is a technical cost (like hosting webinar or hosting website and videos) and manual effort involved, So there has to be a cost charged, but then, training is not my focus area as of now and this may be a single live training I would be taking, at least in this and some more coming years till I am occupied with my work.
To give you a perspective on cost, Market profile first book which all should read (“Mind over Markets – by Jim Dalton), cost around 5k , which is the one of the topics we will cover. Market profile training itself cost a lot more as the subject itself seems not easy for many.

I would be evaluating all my content in for of a single membership plan of 6 months and will put a fair price tag of around INR 49,000/- to it. But this is when the course had achieve a perfection level and I am satisfied with it. Since, for now, as I would be improving the course content over time, I will not be charging this amount and anyone can take the beginner’s advantage of prices.

I would be giving a 75% discount on this course for the next 6 months and thereafter set the final prices. So, the cost of this probably for the entire year is INR 12,250/-. This is one time cost for entire training and you will also get 6 months of access to recordings (Access to recordings beyond 6 months would be chargeable).

Introductory offer: The cost of this training program will be 7999/- (inclusive of tax) for start month of April 2021. This is one time cost for entire training and you will also get 6 months of access to recordings (Access to recordings beyond 6 months would be chargeable at a very nominal rate).

For any concerns or if you want to do a direct account transfer, please write a mail to

Q. Is fee refundable?
A. No. Let me be straight and honest. The charges you would be paying are very less and we would be investing money in techical setups. So, once you enroll to program, nothing is refundable.
So, think carefully before you opt for the program.

If you think the amount charged for the program should be less that whatever is being charged, probably then this training is not for you. Disclaimer is that all discretionary rights are with me regarding the course and its contents.

Q. Will I continue to share my pre-market analysis and stock swing trades here for free.
A. Yes. I would be sharing my analysis on my website and also the stocks I pick regularly for everyone to learn. Money should not be barrier to your learning, So you can always take advantage of it and continue to be part of the Telegram group.(Whatever I do now will not stop). The only thing additional to the program participants would be more stocks picks for learning purpose and to display selection/rejection process but whatever I share now here without charge for everyone will not stop.

Q. Will the prices increase later ?
A. The content I am planning to cover has no match for the cost being charged now. As this is an introductory offer and money should not be a bottleneck (as in case of many), the charges is deliberately kept low. Also, the prices should justify the efforts I put in, so there is a very high chance of price increase in subsequent months.

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