Training Courses:

Currently, we offer no courses or any service. We also do not solicit payment of any kind directly or Indirectly. 
But I would like to give a pointer for those looking for any course:

  1. There is a lot of free material available on social media, so you can make use of it (but you should be careful while selecting).
  2. You cannot become trader just by attending any course, however promising it looks.
  3. Even if you opt for a course, go with realistic expectations (for example, I do not expect myself to translate Shakespeare works in Sanskrit if I attend Sanskrit learning classes. For that matter I studied Sanskrit for 3 years as part of CBSE curriculum and still i will not even dare).
  4. Courses are good way to go over and learn basics fast (than doing your own research or reading numerous books).
  5. When I say basics, the charges should be proportionate (Don’t ever look for holy grail).
  6. As per my opinion, there is nothing called as a “SYSTEM” in trading for the very reason that markets are dynamic with too many unknowns involved.
  7. Trading is mostly about Psychology and Mindset. That is where everyone should target to develop themselves in Trading as well as Overall Development.
  8. Screentime (or you can say experience) counts. There is no substitute for that.

All the best !

** I myself have attended many training on my journey and have been mentored by some good traders. In case you need any recommendation, please send me a mail and I would be happy to help.