Training Courses:

There are many courses and learnings available which teaches you “Stocks Trading”. Trading is a very vast area and is dynamically ever changing. So, Learning never stops here. Therefore, we wanted to create a training program which can cover relevant topics (content given below) to give us maximum understanding of trading and offer it as a comprehensive package and not in bits and pieces.

That is why instead of individual training programs, we have created a “ORT membership plan” ,where you get each and everything we are offering based on one time membership fee (“Entry Fee”) for six months duration. (Please note: Initial membership fee gives your membership for first six months only).

Why six months ?, because you should give yourself good enough time to learn which is at least six months and then also take a decision on pursuing this further or not. Trading requires some different kind of mindset and skills and just like other professions, it is not for everyone. (Here, I am not talking about investing which is a small part of trading and quite easier if you have a proper money mindset).

Some details of the course below , Current offer and payment Link at the bottom.

Mentoring Program for 6 months duration:

Purely webinar based and involves 3-4 hours sessions on every week (on Sunday), plus access to membership group to clarify doubts and participate in active market discussions.

We would be covering all the key topics which fall under below broad categories:

  1. Introduction to Stock market
  2. Technical analysis basics using candlesticks
  3. Price Action Trading complete course.
  4. Market Profile complete course.
  5. Trading psychology – (Maximum focus on this. Without this, any of the above knowledge is worthless.)

This would be involving both – Intraday and Swing/Positional trading and towards the end of sessions, we will demonstrate the application of knowledge gained in Live markets.

The program will cover our understanding and my perspective of Markets and might be beneficial for everyone at every stage. Though some topics would look very basic, but I feel everything needs to be covered with right approach and mindset without any assumptions and for everyone including people who do not know anything about stock markets. So, I would be explaining all concepts from Basics to Advanced which would be beneficial also to Beginners and impart them deepest knowledge possible.

The course will not stop here on the content part. Trading is a long journey and I will keep on adding the knowledge (only beneficial ones) to the course which will be available for all active members at that time without any additional charges (Note: You need to be active member always to access the course, else you need to take membership (or pay “Entry Fee”) again.

Some of the questions you may have which I can answer upfront:

Q. Why such a long duration of 6 months?

A. I have attended many trainings in past – 1 day, 3 days, 6 days programs, seminars, webinars but these are not very effective for below main reasons.
a) Trading is a different game altogether and we need to different kind of mindset to understand it, so building up that mindset takes time.
b) Have you studied any subject 3 days before exam to pass the exam. You know it better that if you want knowledge, which works better – Studying same material in 3 days and studying same material over a 6 months semester.
c) For me also, things started to change when I took a 6 months mentorship and continuosly focussed on learning for 6 months.

Q. Why do I need this?

A. To join or not join is entirely your call but this is a common thing in stock market. Most of the people who are successful in Trading in this world have either a Trading Family Background or they have a “Mentor“. I myself have four mentors who taught me trading at different levels. Since, mentorship takes Individual’s time (remember, time is the most costly thing. Once it is gone, it never comes back), Mentorship from real traders is difficult to get or have a very high cost even if you find any (as they just love their time and many of them took trading in the first place, so they can free up their time).

My effort is not only to provide you content/knowledge (you can have it through books), but provide you the best substitute for mentorship program where I can give you value without consuming much of my time. I hope everyone who takes this membership takes it as mentorship program of 6 months to reap real benefits of it.

Q. What will be the method of training and Language?
A. Training sessions are conducted thru webinars live mostly using zoom. The language would be English for the major part of training. If you are getting recordings, they are part of the live session already done and most of which will be in English (If you do not understand simple spoken English, it might be difficult to you. but if you are reading this already, then I can be sure you do not fall under that category).

Q. Will the recordings be available?
A. Yes, I will upload the recordings for most of the live session to a website with participant/member only access. So, the recordings will be available only to active program members. The fee you initially paid covers six months of membership already which comes with access to everything.

Q. Can I have the video recordings for a longer time?
A. First. six months of access is a good enough time for you to learn and come at a level. If you have not made any progress in six month, probably you will not make it further also and in that case, you don’t need the recordings.

But, you can have access to those recording for as long as you wish beyond the initial six months based of payment of very small monthly renewal fee ( Less than cost of Pizza meal, that is a promise for now. I will increase the renewal cost only if they increase price of Pizza).

It only makes sense to renew your membership if your first six months have added more value that what you paid initially. One of the things we are also going to teach you is to “Respect money” and that lesson itself , if you learn, is invaluable.

Q. Will there be any training on weekdays?
A. No. I do not advocate full time trading till you have a substantial capital, good psychology and best of the trading skills. Trading for me is an art which will require time to master and without mastering that, you cannot think of going full time.
I have always said that Trading should be your part time profession because of its uncertain nature and high dependency on your emotional state (which is not always same as in case of machine). Another requirement for full-time trading is base capital, So if you are think of generating 1% every month which itself is difficult on a consistent basis, do this simple maths:
1% of x is your monthly Salary, so what would be x.
For example, if your monthly salary is 50k, you require 50 lakhs of Base capital to generate that income per month (taxes you pay are additional cost).

We need to have fair expectations and that is something we will talk when we talk psychology. Many of the things we need to understand as Trader are counter-intuitive, which means they do not sound simple or quite difficult to understand. That’s why, it is challenging for a common person.

Q. Will this training make you an expert in stock market?
A. No. No one is an expert here. Another psychology lesson. But, you will be able to look at markets more objectively and with a refined view. Understand market is a zero-sum game and by that nature only it is going to be tough. What I can give you in this program is an honest (and not sugar coated) view of Mine about the market and then you can decide what to take and what to leave. This is like ocean and learning is a never ending journey. I will teach you only things I know and which I continue to learn. But, as this is mentorship program, we will work with you closely to give the best effort of making you a good Trader.

Q. Will I be profitable after this training?
A. Profitability is more of a mindset game rather than technical skill. I will give you the insights of what will make you consistently profitable in long run but as every individual is different in the way they think, so there is no guarantee that you will be profitable. It depends entirely on your commitment and your discipline.
Only thing I can assure you is your will have the knowledge what works or what does not work and probably the best view to look at Trading. It can so happen that after the course if over, you might decide that market is not for you and that would be a respected decision. Many people blow their hard-earned money in trading and I do not want you to be among those, if you can simple understand if trading is for you or not.

Q. Any topics will be covered other than trading?
A. We will focus on stock market mostly but as some of you might know, I am also a Student of “Economics”, so we might talk about money and schemes like insurances, demand/supply basics but all those we will cover as part of psychology. My effort is to give you my best, so we might talk about many things which might give you an edge over others if you understand this complex web of Mindset and psychology with respect to Finances.

Q. What is the cost of this program?
A. If you look at the content of this comprehensive package and even compare it with other quality trainings available on each topic covered, the price would be much much more. you can do this exercise or later, I will put a price tag on each course what I consider is competitive market price of any particular course as of date. But this is a comprehensive package in form of Membership, you everything is available for you if you are active member.

For now, the mentorship program is available for INR 49,000/- and covers six month of mentorship where we would be starting from Basics. If Basics are not right, then anything you learn will not matter. Mentorship programs will always be costly than trainings as you are directly involved with the mentor (time is the cost).

As this is Mentorship (there is one to one involvement), I will increase the price upwards later depending on my availability.

By paying this price, you will get 6 months membership and access to all previous records and future live training sessions. Basically, you get access to everything what I have to offer.

(Membership beyond 6 months would be chargeable at a very low cost for existing members).

Scroll to the bottom for payment link.

For any concerns or if you want to do a direct account transfer, please write a mail to

Q. Is fee refundable?
A. In, the fee is not refundable. I have a Telegram channel and free website where I post my daily analysis. So, you can review that for sometime and then take an informed decision before joining the mentorship program. But once joined, it is in your best interest to blindly follow the process and see the change in 6 months.

This is a mentorship program of 6 months in form of Membership which includes knowledge sessions and is our best effort to make you a successful trader.

In case you want to opt for monthly instalment plan, please see the details below and you can write to us.

Disclaimer: All discretionary rights are with us regarding the course and its contents.

Q. Will I continue to share my pre-market analysis and stock swing trades ideas without charges.
A. Yes. I would be sharing my analysis on my website for everyone to learn. Money should not be barrier to your learning, So, you can always take advantage of it and continue to be part of the Telegram channel – Whatever I do now will not stop.

The only thing additional to the ORT members would be the access to training videos, direct interaction, selection/rejection process, learning, mentoring, few live training and live trading. But whatever I share now in without any charge for everyone will not stop.

Any further questions/queries related/unrelated, please write to me at

The Fee can also be paid in 6 months instalments of INR 8999/- each. For instalment plan, please contact on above mail id.

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